The restoration of the Albany Township Town Hall

2016 - Water Testing for possible

2014 - Septic system and rebuild the existing lavatory.



2013 - Exterior of the building has been repaired, scraped, primed and painted. Windows have been repaired. Screens have been purchased and have been put in place. Screen doors for back and front doors have bene hand made to fit existing door frame dimensions.

2012 - Floors have been sanded and varnished.

2011 - Several phases of the restoration have taken place and have been completed.

  • Damage from leaking roof has been repaired.
  • Roof has been further supported and replaced.
  • Internal walls have had the old wallpaper removed, walls repaired and    painted.
  • Internal columns have been repaired/replaced as needed.
  • Interior ceilings have been repaired/replaced as needed.
  • Internal wiring and lighting has been repaired/replaced as needed.
  • Back door has been added for access into building from access ramp.
  • Front door has been replaced with a hand-made duplicate of the
       original door.
  • A new toilet room has been built with an eco-toilet replacing the
       outhouse style 1 holer.
  • New curtains were hand made and styled to keep with the age of the  

  • Click here to view a Powerpoint Presentation of the Restoration
    (give it a few minutes to download - we did a fair amount of work)

    click here to download the free powerpoint viewer